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About me


I’m just another sinner saved by grace.  Seriously.

I’m husband of my dear wife, and daddy to my loving kids.  (I’d like to say, “hero,” to all of them but, unfortunately, they probably think of me more as “Homer.”)

I work as one of the leaders of a great Fortune 500 company (wh/ unfortunately isn’t a great stock wh/ is why I’m not retired yet =) in the Healthcare space.

I’m part of a cool subdivision with great neighbors and a perfect location across the street from a wonderful park.  We are neither too rich nor too poor — blessed just right!

My church is awesome and am learning to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus.  That’s pretty hard you know.  Don’t know anyone who can do it without some supernatural help.

I love life, learning, leading and loving people.  If I had more time I’d continue to explore my eclectic passions of:

  • green living (aquaponics, net zero energy homes, Earthship concepts)
  • holistic martial arts and medicine,
  • music and art (specifically comics & animation…would love to learn to draw on a Cintiq!)
  • cooking Asian cuisine
  • collecting dividends, trading futures, shorting stocks, and selling options
  • protection dog-training
  • learning a few magic tricks
  • understanding the latest cosmological theories and the “Theory of Everything” which will unify the four fundamental forces of the Universe.  (Of course, I’ll then have to worry about the other universes that are out there, too, beyond the black holes…)

I’m a techie and a Mac guy at heart (but I buy my wife all the cool tech because she deserves the best.  She just got a cool 15″ MacBookPro, 8 GB, 750 GB running VMWareFusion 4 loaded with Win7 Professional =).

Enjoying an occasional video game of racing on Gran Turismo 5 on my son’s PS3 is pretty cool, too.

I’m pretty even-keeled and don’t sweat the small stuff too often (unless multiple small stuff happens on me all in one day =).  While it does take a lot to make me angry, it definitely is possible.  Most people find it uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of that anggggggggggrrrrrrrrr =)

Other factoids?

  • My first jobs were at an alarm company and a Chinese restaurant…learned a ton of useful stuff in both
  • My favorite job was as a lifeguard in college (back when my body was in a bit more decent shape)
  • My worst-performing job was working with a carpenter.  I’d like a redo there…lots of handyman skills I could have learned if I was a little more focused.

My biggest lessons in life:

Forgiveness and a gentle spirit are more valuable to me now than being a hardcore warrior.

Cherish your family every moment you can.  You never know when you or they will be taken away from each other.  I carve out 1:1 time with each of my kids each week and a weekly Date Night with my wife.  It’s still not enough =)

Simplification is much better than complication…seek Ockham’s razor in most things.  Can anyone beat the elegance of E=mc2?

Probably the greatest lesson I have learned is to understand God’s vision for your life.  He will write it on your heart.  Read and study what He has written often and intently.

OK, enough rambling.  I don’t expect too many people to read this.  But, if you do, I consider you a friend whom I haven’t yet met, and wish you all the best!